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USB over Network 4.5 Final (Server + Client) - 8.17 MB

You can easily share an external USB drive or a printer over a network.Lab instruments, scanners, cameras, card readers, bar code scanners, PDAs, USB keys and others are usually considered to be non-shareable. Thus, normally you need to move your USB devices from one computer to another. Sometimes, though, this is not an easy task, especially when you need to use a device that is physically located in another building or even another city.USB is the standard interface used by most modern computer devices today. But, USB was designed to connect electronic peripherals only to a single computer.Previously, the only way to share a non-shareable device was to buy an expensive hardware USB switch. A hardware switch takes up space, consumes power and is often quite expensive.

There has never been a Help Desk manual like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of the Help Desk. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print:. This book is also not about a Help Desk's best practice and standards details...

All computer RPG games were born from standard Dungeon & Dragons based Table top board / Pen & Paper RPG games. These games are still very popular in US / Europe, but due to lack of availability in other regions; mostly they are not even known to exist. One of such items I bring today, which will introduce you to a whole new world of Pen & Paper RPGs and set comfortably in known environment of famous video game: Dragon Age. As compared to traditional board games, these RPG games are more of a co-op expereince than competitive; so the more the players the more fun it is — Download@ Official Site

In the wake of the L.A. riots, an LAPD vice detective who always went above and beyond the call of duty to keep the streets safe receives a startling wake-up call that leaves him convinced he can no longer employ the tactics that made him so effective in his work. LAPD veteran Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) has borne personal witness to the worst that the streets have to offer, and when his partner, Detective Terrance Washington (Terry Crews), is killed the violence strikes a bit too close to home...

Academy Award nominee Will Smith reunites with the director and producers of The Pursuit of Happyness for this emotional drama concerning an IRS agent whose quest for redemption is unexpectedly complicated after he inadvertently falls in love. Ben Thomas is an IRS agent with a fateful secret. Assuming the identity of his younger brother, Ben sets out in search of redemption. Instead, Ben discovers true love while forever changing the lives of seven complete strangers. Woody Harrelson, Rosario Dawson, Michael Ealy, and Barry Pepper co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi.

Creativity, productivity, reliability. These are all very important elements for a companys success. But the strongest motor for success is called information. Information makes you win new customers. With information you avoid erroneous trends. And quite often the right information even keeps you from making any wrong decision.

 A large collection of useful system utilities from Mark Russinovich .

Buy a car and keep an eye on it, to challenge the other carrier. Paddock to the garage and pump to your taste: change over the engine, gearbox and other hardware - the wheels were spinning as fast as possible! If you know what the tuning, then you'll be able to pump their robust design wheelbarrow- To change the wheels and rims, to reduce the height of the suspension and, of course, install hydraulics! Then you'll be able to take part in competitions lowriderov in 3 different modes: jump, dance and free style!

Strategy fanatics have lost hundreds of hours of their lives to Sid Meier's beguiling creations over the years, and they should prepare to lose hundreds more. Civilization V is yet another glistening example of turn-based bliss that will keep you up long past your bedtime. It exercises its power over your mind using many of the tricks the series has long been known for: varied ways of accomplishing your goal of world domination, the thrill of expanding a paltry city into a bustling empire, and the suspense of venturing into unknown territory. The latest Civilization game takes those basics and layers onto them new features that make moment-to-moment gameplay feel more dynamic than in the past...

On the way home from a conference, Don Piper's car was crushed by a semi that crossed into his lane. Medical personnel said he died instantly. While his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Piper experienced the glories of heaven, awed by its beauty and music. Ninety minutes after the wreck, while a minister prayed for him, Piper miraculously returned to life on earth with only the memory of inexpressible heavenly bliss. His faith in God was severely tested as he faced an uncertain and grueling recovery. Now he shares his life-changing story with you. 90 Minutes in Heaven offers a glimpse into a very real dimension of God's reality. It encourages those recovering from serious injuries and those dealing with the loss of a loved one. The experience dramatically changed Piper's life, and it will change yours too.

This work features 140 chronologically arranged overviews of the history of weaponry and military tactics from ancient times to the present global age. Originally published in 2002, "Weapons and Warfare" is designed to meet the needs of students seeking information about weaponry, tactics, and models of warfare from ancient times to the present, worldwide. Written with the needs of students and general readers in mind, the articles contained in this set present clear discussions of the topics, explaining any terms or references that may be unclear.

Watch this amazing new trailer from Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Bored on the internet? it happens atleast 10 times a day that you are staring at webpages, thinking what to do next. Refreshing twitter to see if anything good came up. So, JS ship is here to help you kill some time. this nifty javacript ship. it looks like something from asteroids, but the space around you is any webpage you want. Just add this JS link to your bookmarks. and on any webpage you feel bored or frustated, just click this button and a Ship will appear. Use Arrow keys to steer, space to shoot and "B" to see remaining webpage elements you have to detory. A Score counter also appears at the bottom just for the sake of it. So, keep this bookmark handy you might never know when you get frustated and want to lets say... destory your office or school website with it!
Get the JS ship bookmarklet @ Erkie.GitHub.com

As with most threats on the Net, you can help keep yourself safe by taking basic precautions. So here are some useful tips to keep away from instant message viruses...

File Size: 289.3 Mb

about: Anti-Virus 2011 - New version of famous antivirus program from Czech developer to protect your PC from dangerous objects and network threats. Program blocks viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and a module to deal with rootkits helps get rid of the malicious processes, masking the virus. Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You already know how AVG can protect you online. Now we take that expertise one step further by fixing problems that slow you down. AVG PC Tuneup is your one-stop shop to help you get the most out of your PC.

About the program: AVG Internet Security 2011 - security solution from all types of Internet threats. The program combines all the necessary safety features: antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antispam and other components...

Offering clear and reliable guidance to the ideas of philosophers from antiquity to the present day and to the major philosophical systems around the globe, he Oxford Companion to Philosophy is the definitive philosophical reference work for readers at all levels. For ten years the original volume has served as a stimulating introduction for general readers and as an indispensable guide for students and scholars. A distinguished international assembly of 249 philosophers contributed almost 2,000 entries, and many of these have now been considerably revised and updated in this major new edition; to these are added over 300 brand-new pieces on a fascinating range of current topics such as animal consciousness, cloning, corporate responsibility, the family, globalization, terrorism ...

Multi-Bootable CD for Recovering and Repairing Your PC! Included are the best, updated tools for troubleshooting and solving computer problems. See list of applications on next page.

Microsoft Office Word 2010 (x86/x64) + Activator
Microsoft Word 2010 offers the best of all worlds: enhanced features to create professional-quality documents, easier ways to work together with people, and almost-anywhere access to your files. Designed to give you the finest document-formatting tools, Word 2010 also helps you easily organize and write your documents more efficiently, and stay within reach so you can capture your best ideas whenever and wherever they occur.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.2 Mac OSX 
Size: 80.1 MB
Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 software helps you bring out the best in your photographs, whether you’re perfecting one image, searching for ten, processing hundreds, or organizing thousands. Create incredible images that move your audience. Experiment fearlessly with state-of-the-art nondestructive editing tools. Easily manage all your images. And showcase your work in elegant print layouts, slide shows, and web galleries, as well as on popular photo-sharing sites. All from within one fast, intuitive application.

Windows XP Pro SP3 SET Edition v10.9.27 | 697 MB
A disk image with the operating system , created on the basis of the original distribution Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 VL, with integrated updates until 23rd September 2010 -th year , the changed interface set complements the system and some programs.

Notepad - a source code editor (and Notepad replacement) with syntax support for many programming languages, running on the operating system MS Windows.
This project is based on the component Scintilla (a very powerful editor component), written in C using only the Win32 API and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program) is distributed under the GPL.

Advanced SystemCare PRO Edition The World’s Top System Utility for Superior PC Health. Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly Advanced WinodwsCare Professional) provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. This powerful and award-winning precision tool fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

A man with the ability to see the future and change the outcome of events before they occur is forced to choose between saving himself and saving the world in this supernatural thriller starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, The Edge). Cris Johnson (Cage) is a Las Vegas magician who possesses the unique ability to witness the events of the immediate future moments before they happen...

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